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We are here to bring American Higher Education and quality international education to Tunisian students, African students and those students in other countries who cannot afford acquiring it due to financial, political, and geographic barriers. Our objective is to offer quality education in innovative, effective, and assured delivery methods. TTU began its educational journey as an advanced university with emphasis on business, technology, and sciences. With a renowned leadership TTU attracted the international educational community to launch joint ventures to share academic experiences and advance knowledge to all scholars and students beyond geographic boundaries. The University supports and encourages scholarly activity among its intellectually vital faculty. Much of the work has professional application, and TTU particularly invites scholarship that directly relates to the classroom experience and involves students in the research process. We have brought research funds intended for students and young scholars to establish labs to conduct and advance research in new areas of research. For instance, TTU is currently holding research labs in cybersecurity, mobile applications, and intelligent computing. We offer accredited programs directed to your career and future in Business Administration and Management, Law, Journalism and Communication, Information Technology and Computer Science, and Engineering.

Look at the inequalities in the world today! A leading cause is the lack of opportunities to get a good education. The lack of education in certain parts of the world has created holes where ignorance leads to poverty, fear, and uncertainty in life. This is the root cause of much of the world’s problems. We believe there is a great need to come together and devise strategies that can help ease these inequalities so that people throughout the world can realize their potential. I and a group of thoughtful American scholars have decided that we cannot wait as these inequalities continue to expand. We believe that American values and the quality of its educational systems can offer remedies to many of the world’s problems. But the costs of education in the United States remain high and continue to escalate, which makes it even more difficult for international students to come and study in the United States. This has led us to think of ways to bring these educational systems to where they are needed. Educational delivery systems are becoming affordable due to the availability of global computing networks in most parts of the world. For example, students in Africa can now take courses without having to travel overseas. At the same time, instructors in the Unites States or elsewhere can deliver from a distance their knowledge anywhere it is needed at a cost that is affordable. The idea of opening an American university in Africa offers an effective means of diminishing these world inequalities. This original idea is now a reality. It merges both the local education systems of Tunisia and the educational systems and programs of study of America. Instead of having to travel to the United States, African students can now come to Tunisia and hence stay in Africa and still get the needed American education. This American education will upgrade the African students to a higher educational level and can help them gain a competitive educational advantage that can translate to a better economic and social life for them and their families at home. This is the purpose for which we decided to start Tunisia Tech University. We hope that you will be able to join us in this exciting new educational opportunity. Please look through our programs of study and feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. 

                                                                                       --Stuart Varden




"Dr. Stuart A. Varden, is currently a Professor Emeritus of Computer Information Systems at Seidenberg School of CS & IS, New York City. He served as ISECON General Chairperson in 2000 and 2001 and was on the EDSIG Board of Directors for ten years, including as President in 2004. He also was a FITE Regent from 2006 through 2008, serving as FITE Secretary in 2007 and 2008. He currently serves on several ICCP exam review panels. He received his doctorate from Columbia University, New York. Dr. Varden has written actively in the areas of IT curriculum development, database management and telecommunications for the past 40 years. He also spent two years as a Visiting Professor at IBM. He has served as EDSIG President and the General Chairperson of the Foundation's ISECON conference and remains on the Board of Directors of EDSIG, the AITP Education Special Interest Group. His long term commitment to IT education makes him an ideal addition to the Board of Regents for the Foundation." 

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