Pourquoi avez-vous de choisir TTU ?

Choose TTU. TTU is unique because there are no other universities in Tunisia that offer you the following advantages:


1) You can get an American diplomas with minimum cost. In order to reduce you study cost, you can study two years in Tunisia where cost is very low and complete another year in the USA to obtain an American diploma. You can also save a lot more by studying in Tunisia 3 years and spend only one year in the USA and obtain an American diploma (BS Degree).

2) Even if you don’t want to travel to the USA, you still can complete 3 years in Tunisia and then complete one year in the USA using online courses and still get an American diploma (BS Degree).

3) All advisory board members are American and internationals. This guarantees that your studies in TTU are validated worldwide.

4) Your practical training, internship, and final graduation projects will be planned in international companies.

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