Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence is the comprehensive academic support network at TTU that can guide students through their academic and social transitions to college while helping them move forward to graduation. We offer Tutoring services for all students who may fall a bit behind.

Tutorial Center

Faculty members submit academic report cards in a timely manner so students who get unsatisfactory grades may be invited to attend tutorial sessions to let tham catch up and improve their grades.

School of Engineering

Programs & Opportunities in Engineering

Pre-Engineering Years (2): Maths and Physics (Associate Degree)

Engineering Degrees:

·     Electric Engineering

·     Industrial Informatics

·     Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Programs:
Fundamental License Degrees

·     Computer Science

·     Computer Information Systems

·     Multimedia Computing

Undergraduate Programs:
Applied License Degrees

·     Network Administration and Services

·     Software and Computer applications

·     Information and Telecommunication Technologies

Graduate Programs:
MS Degrees:

·     Computer Science

·     Embedded Systems

·     Computer Security

School of Business and Law

Programs & Opportunities in Business Administration

Undergraduate Programs:
Fundamental License Degrees

·     Finance

·     Accounting

·     Marketing

·     Management

·     Human Resources Management

Undergraduate Programs:
Applied License Degrees

·     Finance

·     Accounting

·     Marketing

·     Management

·     Applied Informatics

Graduate Programs:
MS Degrees

·     Financial and Economic Engineering

·     Business Administration and Management

School of Journalism (FRENCH DIPLOMA only)

Programs & Opportunities in Journalism and Communications

French Diplomas Only:  French License degrees and French Master and MBA degrees are offered in all branches of journalism and communications:


License and Bachelor’s Degrees:
Journalism and Media
Marketing and Digital Media

MBA and MS Degrees:
Digital Marketing & Business (Full Time)
Digital Marketing & Business (Part Time Executive)
Communication &Strategic  Marketing (Full Time)
Journalism And Digital Media (Full Time)

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